What is Security Assist?

Security Assist is a global, innovative Security Assistance Service system that provides consultancy, guidance, protection and special support services at national and international level, designed to remove the security risks of people that might be faced without being bound by time and place, or to provide support for victimizations already experienced.

Security Assist provides consultancy and assistants referral and support services to you with our Consultant and Companions when you call our 24/7 call center or use our mobile application for any type of grievance you may face in your current location.

In addition, before these problems of grievance occur, preventive companionship support, or after these grievances, problem-solving companionship support is provided. In cases special to you either by calling our communication hotline 24/7 or through using our application you will receive our consultancy, companionship, referral and special support, with the help of our staff, security assist supervision and monitoring is provided to individuals, families, foreign persons or institutions.



Our Service

In the face of changing and differentiated security risks in the world, for grievances that had been experienced, currently being experienced or to be experienced in the future and for the difficult conditions and times of the living conditions, Security Assist Consultancy and assistance service is focused on preventing the loss of time of people or institutions, to eliminate the lack of communication, and to ensure business to continue uninterruptedly and accurately.

The scope of our service is to provide preventive support before any grievances occurred or problem- solving support after any grievances to our members in cases when they require a dependable support by our 24/7 SECURITY ASSIST telephone communication hotline or by contacting us via our mobile application.


Consultancy Service

When there is a request by our Members to remedy security risks or victimization problem/problems; after contacting our operation center with our 24/7 telephone communication hotline or via our mobile application, our expert personnel are sent to the location of our member and after the face-to-face communication, the problem of our member is comprehended and support and information is provided by giving the problem-solving information for this issue.

This task starts by going to the Customer. The customer is carefully listened to. Solution methods are recommended.

Telephone Consulting Service

It is a solution oriented, 7/24 telephone consultancy service to our customers about theft, fraud, women and domestic violence and traffic accidents.


Security Assistance Service

It is a companionship support during the security problems that may be encountered in our daily lives, and preventive support before any such grievances occur, or problem-solving support after any such grievances occurred.

It is the provision of this service either after the consulting service of the customers, if necessary, together with our staff to go to places where the problem is needed to be solved, or in cases where support is required by our customers without the need of our consultancy service, our staff to solve the issue.

Types of Our Services

  • Legal incidents:
  • * Providing information about how to protect evidence and preventing loss of rights with the right and effective FIRST APPLICATION support in case of undesirable incidents you might experience, such as theft, extortion, snatching, and communication fraud,
  • * Information and support regarding the steps and procedures to be followed with the Security Assistant support for persons living alone,
  • Assistance with gathering additional evidence requested by the law enforcement,
  • * Protecting property damaged due to theft.
  • Unsafe and risky locations:
  • * Guiding and supporting students, young ones, children or persons in case of feeling at risk or in need at different locations from their permanent residence or distant locations,
  • * Security Assistance support until a problem about a suddenly developing issue is solved, which you do not want children or young ones to be involved in,
  • * Contacting children and young ones when contact with them is lost,
  • * Support for solving incident-specific problems at locations unknown to the person in case of business and personal travels.
  • Support for transfer of money and valuable effects:
  • * Security Assistant support against the risks that people may encounter during transactions related to money and valuable effects at banks, private and public institutions,
  • * Security Assistant support for transfer of money and valuable effects without any loss,
  • * Security Assistant support against risks that may be encountered by the elderly people and people with disabilities,
  • * Delivery of private documents and object within the country.
  • Support to female victims of violence:
  • * Information and guidance to women who are victims or at risk of being of a victim of violence,
  • * Consultancy and Security Assistant support to female victims of violence when applying to relevant authorities,
  • * Necessary guidance and support to female victims of violence in remedying their victimization.
  • Support against security risks and victimization in travels:
  • * Consultancy and problem-solving Security Assistant support in case of undesirable incidents, accidents and victimizations in which the person or his/her family is involved during a travel outside the permanent residence location,
  • * Security Assistant support for traveling elderlies and children,
  • * Support to the person regarding any trouble that may arise during travel and information to their family and relatives,
  • * Securing the valuable effects and documents of the person in case of an accident or medical condition,
  • * Security Assistant support when traveling alone or at late hours, when necessary,
  • * Arranging a safe place and providing Security Assistant support in case of travel interruptions and being stranded.
  • Support to drivers and victims in traffic accidents:
  • * Information, guidance, consultancy and Security Assistant support regarding vehicle accidents and other victimization related to the accident,
  • * Assistance and support with preparing an accurate and complete accident report after a traffic accident,
  • * Support for applying to the necessary authorities to prevent loss of rights after an accident,
  • * Ensuring that the necessary measures are taken against ant threats against the safety of life and property,
  • * Security Assistant support in case of being stranded at risky and dangerous locations in or outside residential areas (helping with repairing the vehicle, carrying out the works and procedures that require waiting for a long period of time, and overcoming the difficulties in securing spare parts, etc.),
  • * Information and first application Security Assistant support regarding theft from and theft of cars experienced by the person.
  • Control and monitoring of movable and immovable properties:
  • * Controlling and monitoring the movable and immovable properties of the persons located outside their permanent residences against risks and threats,
  • * Checking and taking photographs of the physical condition of movable and immovable properties that have not been used for a long period of time,
  • * Security Assistant support for securing the immovable property and its content in case of fire, burglary, theft and similar incidents related to movable and immovable properties,
  • * Security Assistant support service to the person during sale/purchase of immovable properties,
  • * Checking, controlling and monitoring the movable/immovable property as mobile and foot patrol, .
  • * Preliminary information about the risks and advantages of a location and house just to be occupied.
  • Support to elderlies, people with disabilities and ill people:
  • * Checking and monitoring elderlies, people with disabilities and ill people due to their physical limitations by offering Security Assistant service,
  • * Checking patients and people in need of care at home,
  • * Security Assistant service to elderlies and people with disabilities in case of emergencies and risky situations,
  • *Monitoring the caregivers of patients and people in need of care at home,
  • * Security Assistant support for health-related issues experienced by people away from their permanent residence,
  • * Security Assistant support to elderlies and people with disabilities in their bank and similar transactions.

In addition to the above, other security assistance services related to issued handled by our company Security Assist.

Our team of Security Assistants consists of retired police/military staff who have worked for a long time in the government positions, who are experts in their field, and are experts in security sector. Our team communicates face to face with our members and provides problem-solving support to them.

Contact us, let us come and let us support you 24/7.